Becoming a HiNT Mounts Dealer

If you are interested in becoming a HiNT Mounts Dealer, please call 1(800)235-HiNT or email us at and we will be happy to help you become part of the HiNT family.

Benefits of Becoming a HiNT Mounts Dealer


We are a Solutions Company. We work with the dealer and their client to provide the right products to address their particular needs and demands. We also design new products customized specifically for your clients.

Industry Specific

We have been a supplier of ruggedized products for many industries, from Law Enforcement and Emergency Response to Utility Companies and Government Agencies. Each industry has different needs and require different solutions; we address those needs and find the solution.

Vehicle Specific

Each industry, each company, each department have different vehicles. We have products that are vehicle specific, a detailed list of compatible products for specific vehicles will be listed on our website.

New Products

Hint Mounts Dealers will be notified in advance about new product availability, additional vehicle specific compatibility and upcoming releases. Once notified, Dealers will have the opportunity to pre-order any products to insure they receive the amount of product they need with the earliest possible delivery date.

Test and Evaluation Products

Test & Evaluation (T&E) products are available on a 30-day basis. This program allows for you to place the actual product in the hands of your client. Your client can install and test the product in their vehicle so that they may evaluate thoroughly the quality of our products. After 30-days you may send it back to HiNT or purchase the product. Please ask us about this program.

Dealer Demonstration Products

Products are available for displaying in the dealer’s show room or demo vehicles for the purposes of demonstrating HiNT Mounts to clients. Please ask us about this program for more details.


We provide brochures and flyers which are specifically designed for dealer distribution. We will provide you with various types of 1-page brochures for different industries and products to help you target the varying markets in your area and customize your advertising efforts for your clients. We provide them in a PDF file format or we can ship the needed quantities.

Price Lists

Please contact a customer service representative for the most updated information at 1-800-235-4468 or

Dealer Discount Pricing

Please contact a customer service representative for the most updated information at 1-800-235-4468 or