PART # SP-6024-ZEB

Retractable Mount for Zebra Printer Model RW420 Mounting to the Right Side of Docking Stations for CF-19 and CF-31

SP-6024 SP-6024 SP-6024 (3)

Product Features

  • Type of Product
    Printer Mount
  • Functionality and Ergonomics
    (Description of how it works) (sliding/double post/double arm/ etc)
  • Base Type
    (Side plate / bottom plate / under the seat / etc)
  • Mounting to the Vehicle
    Attaches (using bolts / screws ) (under the seat)
    Any holes drilled?
  • Adjustments
    tilt and swivel
    articulating arms
    adjustable base
  • Materials
    (steel / Aluminum / etc)
  • Specifications
  • Finish
    ( black powder / antique silver)
  • Warranty
    90 days
  • Recommended Additional Parts
  • Made in the USA