On-Dash Tablet and Keyboard Mount

Part# TM-5126-PIU-20

TM-5126-PIU-20 with Adaptor Plate
TM-5126-PIU-20 On-dash for Ford 2020 mount
On-dash installed in vehicle with Patrol PC

Product Features

  • For Ford 2020 Police Interceptor Utility
  • For Tablets, Displays and Keyboards
  • Spacious Design
    • More space for the driver
    • Occupies only 2" on the passenger side
  • Easy Installation
  • No need to cut the Dashboard
  • Adjustable
    • Tilt and Swivel for display and keyboard
    • Telescopic keyboard height
  • Includes Adaptor Plate
  • Rugged Design
    • G.R.I.P. Technology
    • Steel Construction
    • Black Powder Finish